Norwegian Constitution Day in Kongsberg 2019

Here is a summary of the main events for the 17th of May celebration in Kongsberg.

Check out the beautiful pictures from 2016 here

06:55   The church bells ring from Kongsberg Church.
07:00   Salute – a small parade starts from Borggården at the Town Hall.
Laying of a wreath at the memorial for those who participated during the freedom fight
Laying of a wreath at the Veteranmonument, by Henning Martiniussen
Laying of a wreath at the bust of Steensrup, by Hans Petter Blokkum
Laying of a wreath at the memorial of Chr. IV, by Ty Sævareid Ellefsen
Laying of a wreath at the bust of Tinius Olsens, by Odd Arne Helleberg
07:30  The different marching bands and paradres assemble around Kongsberg.
08:00   Hoisting of the flags at the schools.
09:20   The schools starts marching up to Kirketorget.
10:00   Church bells ring from Kongsberg Church.
Greetings by the mayor, Kari Anne Sand
The National Anthem, first and last verses.
The day’s speech. – by studenst from Skrim ungdomsskole.
The King’s Song
10:20   Salute – the children’s parade starts from Kirketorget
Kirketorget – Stukenbrocks gt. – Klokkerbakken – Nybrua – Tinius Olsensgt. -Dyrmyrgt. – Kongens gt. – Hermann Foss – Storgt. – 17.mai gt. – Chr. Augustsgt. (forbi Grand hotell) – Nybrua – Klokkerbakken – Myntgt – Apotekergt – Kirkegt – Kirketorget
The Kongsberg-song and Gud signe vårt dyre fedreland.
Other programs.
Efteløt. 11:00: Meet up at Sommerstad. 11:15: The parade starts. 11:45: Today’s speech. 12:00: Religious service. Traditional arrangement at the school.
Hvittingfoss. 10:30: Religious service at Tuft church. 11:15: Assembly at Hvittingfoss square. 11:30: Parade from the square via Bo- og behandlingssenteret, through down town, in at the fire station and up to Solvangbakken and Tuft church. 12: Laying of a wreath at the memorial for those who participated during world war 2 at Tuft church. Speach by students from 10th grade.
Hvittingfoss skole. 12.00: The kiosk opens. Lottery sale. 13.00: Opening from the stage. Entertainment from 5th to 7th. grade. Today’s speach by Ole Kristian Halvorsen, Unn Merete Guttormsen and Karoline Hvål. Entertainment from the kintergardens and students from 1st to the 4th grade. 13.45-14.30: Break from the stage. 13:30: Free icecream for the kids. 13.45-14.30: Children plays. 14.30: Entertainment from the stage. Lottery draw. 15.00: Stage closure. This year there will be arranged a quiz at kulturhuset. The doors opens at 18:14. The quiz starts at 19:05. Remember a camping chair and table. We note that this year there is limited parking facilities at the school due to construction work.
12:30/13:00   Traditional program at the schools. Check your local school for schedules.
13:00   Open program for the international environment in Kongsberg at Bekkedokk 3
15:00   Concert outside Grand Hotel with Byorkesteret
16:00   The Russ starts their parade from Kirketorget to Nymoens torg
17:00   This year’s speech by the russ at the bust of Tinius Olsen

Free cinema

17:00 Krona Kino invites all children to a free viewing of the movie «Karsten og Petra»

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