Norwegian Constitution Day in Kongsberg 2018

Here is a summary of the main events for the 17th of May celebration in Kongsberg.

Check out the beautiful pictures from last year here. 

06:55   The church bells ring from Kongsberg Church.
07:00   Salute – a small parade starts from Borggården at the Town Hall.
Laying of a wreath at the memorial for those who participated during the freedom fight, by Stein W. Aasland.
Laying of a wreath at the Veteranmonument, by Henning Martiniussen
Laying of a wreath at the bust of Steensrup, by Kjerstin Kleyne Braaten
Laying of a wreath at the memorial of Chr. IV, by Tuva T. Bakken
Laying of a wreath at the bust of Tinius Olsens, by Eva Tovsrud Knutsen
07:30   The different parade assemble around Kongsberg.
08:00   Hoisting of the flags at the schools.
09:20   The schools starts marching up to Kirketorget.
10:00   Church bells ring from Kongsberg Church.
Greetings by the mayor, Kari Anne Sand
The National Anthem, first and last verses.
The day’s speech. – Frida Aakre og Katrina Løver Andersen from Tislegård ungdomsskole.
The King’s Song
10:20   Salute – the children’s parade starts from Kirketorget
Kirketorget – Stukenbrocks gt. – Klokkerbakken – Nybrua – Tinius Olsensgt. -Dyrmyrgt. – Kongens gt. – Hermann Foss – Storgt. – 17.mai gt. – Chr. Augustsgt. (forbi Grand hotell) – Nybrua – Klokkerbakken – Myntgt – Apotekergt – Kirkegt – Kirketorget
The Kongsberg-song and Gud signe vårt dyre fedreland.
Other programs.
11:00   Efteløt: Meet up at Sommerstad. The parade starts at 11:15. The day’s speech at 11:45. Religious service at 12:00. Traditional arrangement at the school.
11:00   17.mai café at the Norkirken, Myntgt.19. Ends at 13:00
11:15   Traditional religious service at Kongsberg church with Christen Christensen
11:30   Religious service at Jondalen church. The parade to the schools begins around 12:30. Traditional arrangement.
12:15   Parade starts at Svein Aamodt, Bevergrenda. Kongsberg Byorkester plays. Traditional arrangement at Beverlokalet.
12:30/13:00   Traditional program at the schools. Check your local school for schedules.
12:15:    The parade from Labro to Kongsgårdmoen school. Kongsgårdmoen Schoolband plays.
13:00   Open program for the international environment in Kongsberg at Bekkedokk 3
15:00   Concert outside Grand Hotel with Byorkesteret
15:30   Local of May arrangement at Berg school.
16:00   The Russ starts their parade from Kirketorget to Nymoens torg
17:00   This year’s speech by the russ at the bust of Tinius Olsen
17:00   Lågdalsmuseet opens from 17:00 – 20:00
18:00   Lågdalsmuseet: Entertainment in the main hall with Kongsberg Spel-og Dansarlag.


If you want to see the complete program, you can download it here:


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